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  • Сегодня узнала что я вдохновила одного парня написать его песню "Балерина Акробатка." Там описываются несколько моментов из нашего знакомства и несколько идей которые всплыли по этому поводу.

    So today I found out that I inspired this one guy to write his song "Ballerina Acrobat." He mentions there a couple moments from our past and some ideas that surfaced therein.

    Был рисунок который я ему подарила. Там была изображена девушка которая шла против ветра, и была надпись "Лучше идти против ветра, чем стоять дрожа, и ждать пока измениться ветер."

    There was a drawing I gave him. There was a girl there walking against the wind and I wrote on it, "It is better to walk against the wind than to stand there shivering, waiting for the wind direction to change."

    Вот фотография которая дала имя песне/ Here is the photo that gave the song its name:

    А вот линк/ Here is the link to the song: http://www.myspace.com/krisolinger
    А вот слова песни/ Here are the lyrics:

    "Ballerina Acrobat"

    It seems like so long since we sat upon a rooftop,
    And watched the setting sun slip behind the trees,
    And we talked about our lives
    And the limits thereof.
    And the limits thereof...

    I don't remember much, except that you were beautiful,
    And intelligent, and witty, and mysterious, and wise,
    And, above all, (how could I forget?)
    You were the object of another's love.
    Of another's love...

    The echoes of the things we said and did sound through my memory
    Like a grand orchestral symphony heard from afar,
    Like the distant sigh of cello strings,
    Reverberating in a darkened hall.
    Inside a darkened hall...

    With desperate movements of my pen I try to capture them,
    Secure them from Eternity for all to see.
    I'd swear it's been forever,
    But I know it hasn't been so long at all.

    The landscape of the mind is vast;
    The present intertwines the past.
    A single moment holds so much,
    The warmest smile, the coldest touch.

    But this sand-trap called reality
    Engulfs and swallows all of me
    And clouds the view.
    As I sink, I think of you.

    I blink and think of you.

    I see you standing on some cliff-side by the ocean
    With the night sky high above and the rocks below,
    And the cold, cruel wind
    Blowin' in your auburn hair.
    Blowin' in your hair...

    Fists clenched and jaw set determinate,
    You're braced against the forces that assail you,
    And it's cold, but you're not shivering.
    No, you're not shivering...

    Poised upon this stony ledge
    In a delicate balancing act,
    You're like a spider on a silken thread,
    A ballerina acrobat.

    The waves roll in and the waves rush out,
    And the tide ebbs and flows,
    And nobody knows what it's all about,
    But it's all right,
    Because I'll dance with you tonight.

    Yes, I'll dance with you tonight.

    As midnight fast approaches and I lie upon my mattress,
    Awaiting sleep to overtake me and reclaim my mind,
    I listen for those breakers,
    But hear nothing as the moonlight softly gleams.

    Morning breaks at dawn and, when it does, I change the calendar,
    Wondering just how many nights will pass before I find
    A fleeting glimpse of your face
    In the deepest reaches of my darkest dreams.

    The Earth, she spins; her rivers flow.
    I try to make sense of this world I know,
    To reconcile what I have seen inside
    With everything that I must be denied.

    The wisps of inspiration dance,
    In the harshest light of naked chance,
    With such fragile skill.
    I dream about you still.

    Oh, yes, I dream about you still.

  • Безымянный 271598

  • Интеллектуальные беседы :)