• Give me freedom, give me fire!

  • Африка 21/3/2010. День шестой Сахара.

  • This words are for you, my love,
    To you, to you, are all my thoughts and all my glances,
    It's you that I am seeing everywhere, in every leaf, in every blade of grass,
    In this stern land, so dark and so grandeur

    Long time ago here, but really -- not so long,
    They went into the swamps so they would not be slaves,
    My forest brethren, and they died in glory,
    But fought it to the end for all the human race,
    For honor and for freedom, for sini-musta-valge,
    Not everyone was tempted by ships about to sail.

    A gun, and a dugout, and an idea, stronger

    Than bloody Soviet army that conquered all our land
    Idea of the freedom for but your own people
    There's nothing that is stronger than simple quiet "no"

    No, I shall never ever be a slave or be a lackey,
    No, I shall never ever beg mercy of a foe
    And my flag as my honor, with me I always carry,
    And to my last old bullet I am resigned
    To stand.

    To make a stand at Eesti, my simple homeland Eesti --
    A cabin in a forest, a kirik on a hill,
    With my ancestors dwellings, where they sang oh so clear
    Estonia, my homeland, remember me sometimes

    When Dawn returns one morning, and Blue-Black-White in glory
    Flies over my small country, where I had lived and loved
    Some young boy shall remember -- there was some time ago
    When that flag I had always been carrying with me.

    ... That’s what the shadows say here,
    and lime-trees quietly whisper,

    As I stand here suffering, full of the pain and the light,
    I see you everywhere, and crumbling a pile of paper
    I throw it all in a fire, for -- you are not with me.

    The forest berries in a swamp reminded me of eyes of yours
    Beloved one! In forest’s every turn, I keep repeating what I meant to say --
    That you are Light that shines upon my world,
    That there are none that equal you in beauty

    Beloved one! Once upon a sunrise,
    I'll tell you but a bit about me,
    About how when asleep and when awake,
    Your being filled me with your presence everywhere,
    That's why I did not get blown up with a grenade,
    That’s why I keep on crawling, running, living,

    So that I could believe, wherever – doesn’t matter, --
    That there would be … you and I, together,
    I shall be waiting, for you are always with me here,
    And I am laughing at the enemies "incoming".

  • Give me freedom, give me fire!

  • Африка 21/3/2010. День шестой Сахара.