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  • В результате моего поста в [info]ru_learnenglish у меня появился приличный списочек сравнительных идиом. Собрался он в результате тех идиом, которые вспомнили участники сообщества, а так же я поработала с теми полезными ссылками, которые мне накидали. Всплыла ссылка на http://idioms.chat.ru/, где можно поискать аналоги русским устойчивым фразеологическим оборотам. Я поковыряла ее на предмет интересующих меня сравнительных идиом, но, конечно, там осталось еще много полезного. В итоге получился вот такой списочек под катом.

    (not) as black as he is painted

    as alike as two peas in a pod

    as American as apple pie

    as awkward as a cow on roller skates

    as bad as all that

    as bald as a billiard ball, as bald as a coot, as bald as an egg, as bald as a baby's backside

    as bare as a bone, as bare as the palm of one's hand

    as black as coal, as black as soot, as black as a skillet, as black as a sweep, as black as the ace of spades, as black as a stack of black cats, as black as jet, as black as a crow, as black as a raven,as black as pitch, as black as midnight, as black as night, as black as hell, as black as the Pit, as black as ink, as black as sin, as black as thunder, as black as thundercloud

    as blind as a bat, as blind as a mole

    as bold as a lion, as brave as a lion, as bold as brass

    as brave as a lion

    as bright as a button, as bright as a new penny, as bright as a new pin, as bright as day, as bright as silver

    as brittle as glass

    as broad as a barn door, as broad as it is long

    as brown as a berry

    as busy as a bee, as busy as a beaver, as busy as popcorn on a skillet, as busy as a one-armed paperhanger

    as calm as a millpond, as calm as a toad in the sun

    as changeable as the weather, as changeable as the weathercock, as changeable as the moon

    as cheap as dirt

    as cheerful as a lark, as happy as a lark

    as clean as a hound's tooth,as clean as a pin, as clean as a new pin, as clean as a whistle

    as clear as (the) day, as clear as the sun at noonday, as clear as the nose on your face, as clear as that two and two make four, as clear as a bell, as clear as crystal, as clear as mud, as clear as a bell, as clear as crystal, as clear as mud

    as clever as a cart of monkeys, as clever as a wagonload of monkeys, as clever as a fox

    as cold as charity, as cold as a stone, as cold as ice

    as common as muck, as common as cat shit

    as conceited as a barber's cat

    as cool as a cucumber

    as crazy as a loon, as crazy as a coot, as crazy as a bedbug

    as crooked as a corkscrew, as crooked as a dog’s hind leg

    as cross as a bear, as cross as a bear with a sore head, as cross as two sticks

    as cunning as a fox

    as cute as a bug's ear/a button

    as dark as night, as dark as pitch

    as dead as a doornail, as dead as Julius Caesar, as dead as a herring, as dead as mutton, as dead as a dodo

    as deaf as a post, as deaf as a stone

    as different as chalk from cheese, as different as night and day

    as drunk as a lord, as drunk as a fiddler, as drunk as a skunk, as drunk as a fish/an owl

    as dry as a bone, as dry as dust, as dry as a stick

    as dull as ditchwater

    as dumb as a fish, as dumb as an oyster, as dumb as a statue, as dumb as a stone, as dumb as a box of rocks, as dumb as a rock, as dumb as a box of rocks, as dumb as a doorknob

    as easy as ABC, as easy as pie, as easy as falling off a log, as easy as kissing your hand, as easy as anyrhing, as easy as duck soup

    as far as anyone knows

    as fast as a hare, as fast as one’s legs can carry

    as fat as a pig, as fat as butter

    as fierce as a tiger

    as firm as a rock

    as fit as a fiddle

    as flat as a board, as flat as a pancake

    as free as a bird, as free as the air

    as fresh as a daisy, as fresh as a rose, as fresh as paint

    as gaudy as a butterfly

    as gentle as a lamb

    as good as a play, as good as gold, as good as it gets, as good as new

    as graceful as a swan

    as grave as a judge

    as greedy as a wolf, as greedy as a dog, as greedy as a pig

    as green as grass

    as gruff as a bear

    as handsome as a young Greek god

    as happy as a king, as happy as a lark, as happy as the day is long, as happy as a sandboy, as happy as a dog with two tails, as happy as a clam at high tide, as happy as Larry, as happy as can be, as happy as a pig in shit

    as hard as a stone/rock, as hard as iron, as hard as nails

    as harmless as a dove, as harmless as a kitten

    as heavy as lead

    as helpless as a babe, as helpless as a baby, as helpless as a child

    as high as a kite

    as hoarse as a crow

    as honest a man as ever lived, as honest a man as ever broke bread, as honest as the day, as honest as the day is long

    as hot as fire, as hot as hell, as hot as pepper

    as hungry as a hunter, as hungry as a wolf, as hungry as a bear

    as innocent as a lamb, as innocent as a dove, as innocent as a babe unborn, as innocent as a child unborn, as innocent as a new-born babe

    as jolly as a sandboy

    as keen as mustard

    as large as life

    as lean as a rake, as thin as a rake

    as light as a feather, as light as thisledown, as light as air

    as like as chalk and cheese, as like as an apple to an oyster, as like as two peas in a pod, as like as two peas, as like as two beans, as like someone as if he / she were spit out of his mouth

    as likely as not

    as long as your arm

    as loud as thunder

    as mad as a hatter, as mad as a March hare, as mad as hell, as mad as a wet hen, as mad as a hornet

    as meek as a lamb

    as merry as a cricket, as merry as the day is long

    as mild as a dove, as mild as a lamb, as mild as milk

    as mute as a fish, as mute as an oyster, as mute as a statue, as mute as a stone

    as naked as a jaybird, as naked as I was born, as naked as my mother bore me, as naked as nature intended

    as near as dammit

    as neat as a new pin

    as nervous as a cat

    as nice as ninepence

    as nutty as a fruitcake

    as obstinate as a mule, as stubborn as a mule

    as old as the hills, as old as Adam, as old as Methuselah

    as pale as a ghost, as pale as death

    as patient as an ox, as patient as Job

    as plain as a pikestaff, as plain as day, as plain as the sun, as plain as the nose on your face

    as playful as a kitten

    as pleased as Punch, as pleased as a dog with two tails

    as plump as a partridge

    as poor as a church mouse, as poor as a rat, as poor as Job, as poor as Lazarus

    as pretty as a picture

    as proud as a peacock, as vain as a peacock, as proud as Lucifer

    as pure as a lily, as pure as snow, as pure as (the) driven snow

    as quick as lightning, as quick as a flash

    as quiet as a mouse, as still as a mouse

    as rare as hen’s teeth

    as red as a beetroot, as red as a lobster, as red as a turkey-cock, as red as a cherry, as red as a rose, as red as blood, as red as fire

    as regular as clockwork

    as rich as Croesus

    as right as rain

    as round as a ball, as round as a barrel

    as safe as houses, as safe as the Bank of England

    as scarce as hen’s teeth, as scarce as ice water in hell

    as scared as a rabbit

    as serious as cancer/a heart attack

    as sharp as a needle, as sharp as a razor

    as sick as a dog, as sick as a parrot

    as silent as the dead, as silent as the grave, as silent as the stars

    as silly as a goose, as silly as a sheep

    as slippery as an eel, as slippery as ice

    as slow as a snail, as slow as a wet week, as slow as molasses in January

    as sly as a fox

    as smooth as butter, as smooth as oil, as smooth as silk, as smooth as glass

    as snug as a bug in a rug

    as sober as a judge

    as soft as butter, as soft as down, as soft as silk, as soft as velvet, as soft as clay, as soft as wax, as soft as a baby’s bottom

    as sound as a bell

    as sour as vinegar

    as steady as a rock

    as sticky as jam

    as stiff as a poker, as stiff as a ramrod, as stiff as a board, as stiff as a pikestaff

    as still as a mouse, as still as death, as still as the grave

    as straight as a die, as straight as a poker, as straight as a ramrod, as straight as an arrow

    as strong as a horse, as strong as a bull, as strong as an ox

    as stubborn as a mule, as obstinate as a mule

    as sure as death, as sure as death and taxes, as sure as fate, as sure as a gun, as sure as eggs is eggs

    as sweet as honey, as sweet as sugar, as sweet as a nut, as sweet as pie

    as tall as a steeple, as tall as a maypole

    as thick as blacberries, as thick as pea soup, as thick as thieves, as thick as two planks, as thick as two short planks

    as thin as a lath, as thin as a rail, as thin as thread paper, as thin as a rake

    as tight as a tick

    as timid as a deer, as timid as a hare, as timid as a rabbit, as timid as a mouse

    as tough as leather, as tough as old boots, as tough as nails

    as tricky as a monkey

    as true as steel, as true as flint

    as ugly as a scarecrow, as ugly as sin, as ugly as a toad

    as useless as tits of a tincow

    as vain as a peacock

    as warm as toast

    as watchful as a hawk

    as weak as a kitten, as weak as a baby, as weak as water, as weak as a cat

    as wet as a drowned rat

    as white as a ghost, as white as a sheet, as white as snow, as white as chalk, as white as milk

    as wide as the poles

    as wise as Solomon, as wise as an owl

    as yielding as wax

  • Проект Genesis (из корпоративной переписки)

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