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  • Натолкнулась на тест Colour Palette и решила самостоятельно прошерстить цветовые идиомы. Оказалось, что их гораздо больше, чем предложено в тесте. Поэтому сегодня я остановилась на синем цвете. Итак,

    out of the blue - неожиданно, как гром среди ясного неба

    Abby had the best prospects - she'd dated a congressman, for heaven's sake - but one day out of the blue she packed her bags and went home to marry her high school friend.

    His name was Steve Petterson, and they'd heard nothing from him or about him since he signed the adoption papers. Until one day out of the blue they got a letter from him.

    by all that is blue - клясться чем угодно

    He said he was cured for life, he swore by all that is blue.

    I'll do it, by all that is blue, and we'll have another brandy-and-soda to drink Mary Donne's health.

    By all that is holy,
    By all that is blue,
    By the eyes of adorable Ida,
    Sir Marmaduke Tracy shall bitterly rue
    the moment when first he espied her!

    to shout, yell, scream, cry blue murder - вопить, орать, поднимать шум

    And if I fly into a rage, into a real fury, shout and storm and cry blue murder, something sits inside me and laughs.

    For example a baby might wake crying in the night. The mother goes to him, sees that he is wet, and starts to change his nappy; meanwhile the child continues to scream and cry blue murder.

    to disappear into the blue - исчезнуть из вида

    He would disappear into the blue only to reappear moments later.

    One day she too, like the previous owner of the house, might disappear into the
    and abandon it all.

    He would have packets of food prepared the previous night and get up early and
    disappear into the blue, not returning until evening, tired but content.

    to go blue with cold - посинеть от холода

    My right hand burns while my left hand goes blue with cold.

    His face was decidedly a pleasant one for all that; refined, but quite
    colourless, except for the circumstance that at this moment it was blue with

    When they were all sitting again in the hop-field she told her mother how
    naughty Philip had been in not coming out of the water till he was blue with

    true blue - стойкий, преданный, верный

    She believes that if she can solve this crime it will give her the leverage she needs to once again be true blue.

    He is true blue to his principles.

    (like) a blue streak - быстро, молниеносно, эффективно

    Loise was so excited that she talked a blue streak.

    But high
    above the mountain tops -
    a blue streak in the sky,
    as in a child's notebook.

    He can read like a blue streak.

    like blue murder - сломя голову, со всех ног, чертовски быстро

    It's beautiful car to drive and it goes like blue murder.

    Shortly afterwards she heard shots and saw two men "running like blue murder".

    "Damn it, Tess, stop making me laugh when I feel like blue murder." Her brow
    wrinkled. "Why is murder blue?" "No idea."

    Вообще вариантов употребления много. Можно ругаться like blue murder, можно выглядеть like blue murder, можно ненавидеть like blue murder, можно кричать like blue muder. Короче, "What is "like blue murder"?" "No idea." :) Знаю только, что возможно это выражение произошло от французского - morbleu - чёрт возьми! (сокр. от "(par la) mort de Dieu!", где "Dieu" заменено словом "bleu"), поэтому, предполагаю, что и как "черт возьми" blue murder может использоваться в различных контекстах. :)

    make the air blue - поносить, ругать на чем свет стоит

    Seeing me totter and about to fall, he caught me, led me to his cot, and laid me there; and then the dear, rough, old soldier made the air blue with orders, for brandy and coffee and breakfast - not for himself but for me.

    Soon he breaks out in violent profanity and makes the air blue with his cursing.

    He is happy in his work and invariably has good trips, but if something
    unavoidable should happen he doesn't make the air blue with profanity, but is pleasant and make the best of it.

    once in a blue moon - в кои-то веки, когда рак на горе свистнет, после дождичка в четверг, раз в год по обещанию

    Once in a blue moon he would adopt the stance of a preacher and dispense warning utterances on the general theme that "nice girls don't do it" and "it" was done only by affianced or preferably married couples.

    The Graysons' house looked like a Monopoly hotel to me; I'd never been on the inside of anything but a motel, and that wasn't to sleep but to eat in the restaurant once in a blue moon.

    to see through blue glasses - мрачно смотреть на вещи, пессимистично смотреть на вещи

    I think that the majority of Europeans are in a rather pessimistic state of mind at the present time and possibly are looking at everything through blue glasses.

    Fear thought is that condition of the mind in which everything is seen through blue glasses.

    tell blue stories, jokes - рассказывать неприличные анекдоты

    What always bothered me when people started to tell "blue" jokes were the woman and children in the audience.

    the blue devils - уныние, меланхолия, хандра

    By May he was in disgusting state of blue devils, although there was really nothing the matter, and a month later he was worse - "blue devils and funk, funk and blue devils".

    till all is blue - до крайности, до предела

    "I'll fight them all the more for that", said Henry, grinded his teeth; "fight them till all is blue".

    Men may talk about measures till all is blue and smells of brimstone, and then go home and sit down and expect their measures to do their duty for them.

    a shot in the blue - промах, ляп

    Do you know, kid, when I asked you to come out with me, it was a shot in the blue. I never thought you would.

    to be blue in face - до посинения, до изнеможения, до хрипоты

    In these days filled with rivalry of every sort, people will argue, untill they are blue in face, trying to prove a point. Sometime even knowing that they might be, or are wrong - often just trying to save face.

    in blue fear - в страшном замешательстве, в ужасной панике

    The very name of Paris put her in a blue fear; and she would have allowed her husband to keep a menagerie in the back garden, let alone adopting a stable-boy, rather than permit the question of return to be discussed.

  • Безымянный 271598

  • ВОЛГА / VOLGA, “Дом” 3.02.06