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  • Лохотрон. куда жаловаться. $748,362,000,000 Oil Strike! By Keith Kohl | Thursday, July 4th, 2013 $748,362,000,000

  • Я письмо написал и послал по адресам в конце:

    To Whom It May Concern:

    That is a generic phrase to start a letter, but I think the issue I am writing about should be a concern for everybody.

    I am writing to you to alert you to the current situation developing in the lake Baikal region in Russian Federation.
    There are plans under way to construct a trans-country oil pipeline. The plans propose to construct the pipeline dangerously close to the shore of famous lake Baikal – in places as near as only 800 meters from the shoreline. In the event of the pipe rupture, even using a new pipeline technology developed by Transneft company, it is estimated that 3000 tons of oil will reach lake Baikal in 30-40 minutes. That oil might cover as much as one-third of the lake surface, insuring an ecological catastrophe of major proportions. The chances for such a predicament are really high, since lake Baikal lies in a seismologically active region.

    Lake Baikal, on the other hand, is a natural phenomenon – it is 25 million years old and one of the deepest lakes on the planet, with the clearest waters. It is a home to a variety of unique fauna, found only in the area. It holds as much as twenty percent of ALL freshwater on our planet’s surface. To lose such a bounty is unthinkable.

    There are alternative ways to construct that pipeline. Yes, they might be more expensive. I well understand the role of oil in today’s society, its driving economic force. However, not everything is measured in money. Lake Baikal’s water is a very valuable resource on its own, not to mention its one of the kind ecosystem, and its beauty. Baikal must be protected.

    Hopefully, I clearly stated my position and was able to persuade you to some action on behalf of lake Baikal. It cannot defend itself, but together we can make a difference.








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  • Лохотрон. куда жаловаться. $748,362,000,000 Oil Strike! By Keith Kohl | Thursday, July 4th, 2013 $748,362,000,000